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Battle Camp: Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Top 10 tips, tricks and cheats of this amazing and addicted virtual new game at the moment available only for IOS devices.

Start looking for rare monsters right away
Immediately you can begin fighting battles inside of the camp area; this is where the rare monster hunt begins. When you fight a rare monster they have a chance at earning you a monster piece. Get all of the required monster pieces for one monster, and then go to your monster management screen and the countdown will start. When the countdown is done, you can then add the rare monster to your party.

Come up with the biggest matches that you can
You can match more than five pieces at a time, which will cause massive damage to whole groups of enemies. Snake pieces around, and match sets of 3+ pieces that are perpendicular to each other, and you can knock off anywhere between 6 and 10 pieces of the same color, all in the same combo at a time.

Make huge combos to do huge amounts of damage to one monster
You don't have to target a monster (if you don't the attacks will go all over the place), but if you want to target one specific monster for a barrage of combo attacks, tap on the monster to put a target on it, then make as many combos as you can in one turn by dragging a piece around and displacing other pieces. All of the combinations will hit that one single monster.

Participate in the events for huge prizes
There will be lots of events going on in the areas that you can unlock on the map. Usually, there will be one event at a time, but sometimes there will even be more than one. Maximum event participation is recommended in order to earn event trophies and tokens, which can be traded for prizes once the event is over.

Keep in mind which colors are strong against which other colours
Fire is strong against plant. Plant is strong against water. Water is strong against fire. Rock and wind are strong against each other. Keep this in mind if you want to do the maximum possible amount of damage to opposing monsters. This is especially useful for boss monsters.

Game the system to save stones and advance your rare monsters rapidly
Level up a bunch of common monsters, with five fusion sacrifice monsters at a time, and then take those levelled up common monsters and fuse them into one of your rare monsters. This will provide a huge experience bonus and will overall use less than half of the stones that levelling up a level 6 rare monster would. Plus, this frees up loads of space for you to catch new monsters.

Don't want to fuse or sell monsters, but you have run out of space?
There's a third option: deposit new monsters, just like in Pokemon when you deposit the Pokemon into the system. You can do the same thing here. Go to the monster management screen and you'll find the "deposit" option right next to the option to sell your extra cards. Use this when you want to keep monsters but you don't have room for them (for example, more than one rare monster of the same element for boss battles).

Load up the deck with one kind of monster for boss battles
Battling against one boss is where you should use the same type of monster. Use the monsters whose colour is strong against the boss's colour (for example, for a plant monster, load up with fire monsters), so that you end up with five attacks for every one match that you pull off. When you have no matches on screen, simply heal by matching hearts until the right monster colours come back.

Pay attention to what quests you have, because they can earn you some nice bonuses

Tap on the quests button, and scroll past the event tab, or the first quest tab (whichever pops up first) and look at all of the other tabs. You will have different quests for every different area that you have unlocked. Gain experience levels to unlock more areas on the map.

Sign up for Tapjoy for a secondary offer wall for free gold
The primary offer wall is easy to find – it's right there inside the gold store. Take the offer that says "Register for Tapjoy" to unlock the secret offer wall right on Tapjoy's website, which will give you free gold in exchange for downloading and running apps. All of these are free, and these free offers will earn you more gold than the free offers in the game itself.

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