segunda-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2015

Battle camp game is SCAM!

In my way of seeing it, and with my personal experience, YES it is SCAM!

I have been playing battle camp for over a year, I spent few money on it, about 500€, not much! I believe that some people that play this game spent a lot more, small fortunes....... I'm still an average player.... 
I promised myself that I wouldn't spend more on this game but last month I did. well let me resume it for you. I bought a pack of 1250 Gold, it costed me 89,99€. 
I spent it all on Ultimate grabs, the ones that gives us 3 times more possibilities to win an epic mob...... guess what? my prizes were all rare monsters.....Battle camp creators must be happy with this ratio........they like dumb guys like me to invest on their wallets...... 

If you are thinking to play this game...........don't try, it is enormously addictive and it gives you nothing.    

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