sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

Halloween - School Night

Limited time (after 3am - 5am local time)

Halloween School Night (name could change) – Since this badge has not been unlocked yet, we are assuming that this badge would unlock similar to the School Night core badge which is unlocked by checking in after 3am on a school night.  There could be different unlock rules for this badge, but nobody will know till Halloween night.. err early morning.


Zombie Swarm badge

Check in with 10 peoples between October 27-31.


Ermagherd! This place is swarming! At least five Boy Scouts are in line for the bathroom (thanks a lot, Wes Anderson), there’s a Gangnam Style flash mob coming your way, and… is that a slutty Big Bird making out with Bane in the corner? Shut it down

Halloween 2012 badge

Check in anywhere and shout ‘halloween’


You made it to the party only to find your ingenious iPad Mini costume (refrigerator box FTW!) doesn’t fit through the door. Now you’re stuck outside with the Mars Rover and a bunch of binders. Next year, it’s back to the old standby: Bob Ross.

quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2012

High Tea badge

Check in at a Tea Room during tea time in the UK.


Biscuits. Scones. Jam. Whether it’s Devonshire cream or Earl Grey with lemon, one should always pair it with Victoria Sponge and cucumber sandwiches (no crusts, natch). Chin chin!

Check in à hora do chã no foursquare, válido para o reino Unido.

Love My Local Badge

Check in at the same pub 3 times in the UK.


That’s 3 check-ins at the same pub in the UK! Nothing tops an evening with friends at your local boozer – except, perhaps, your friends buying all the rounds. One more before last orders?

Check in 3 vezes no mesmo pub no foursquare, válido para o Reino Unido.

Jacksonville Jaguars Badge

Like Jacksonville Jaguars and check-in at a Jaguars game


They're on the prowl and they're feeling bold. Get ready for some teal, black, and gold. Go Jaguars!

Must be real check in!

Check in ao vivo num jogo, Check in vervadeiro!

Crunked Badge

4x or more in a single night

That’s 4+ stops in one night for you!

Check in em mais de 4 locais numa noite no Foursquare

Bender Badge

4 nights in a row


That’s 4+ nights in a row for you!

Check in durante 4 noites seguidas no Foursquare

Superstar Badge

50 different venues

You've checked into 50 different venues!

Check in em 50 locais diferentes no Foursquare.

Explorer Badge

25 different venues

 You've checked into 25 different venues! Got any great recommendations (like the best time to visit or a secret menu item)? Share them with the world! Add Tips to places you love and get suggestions from others.

Check in em 25 sítios diferentes no Foursquare

Adventurer badge

10 different venues

You've checked into 10 different venues! Now, how about inviting some friends into the mix? You can check out new spots together, share recommendations, and earn sweet BFF bonus points!

Check in em 10 sitios diferentes no Foursquare

Newbie Badge

First check in

Congrats on your first check-in! In foursquare, you earn badges for your best check-ins – like going to museums, staying out late, or working out at the gym ten times in a month. Have fun exploring!

Primeiro check in no Foursquare.

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